Butchers Bakers

Flesh is tasteless, traitors betrayed us
Binary binds us, leaving them markings behind us
Finders keepers, winners losers
Movers makers, Molotov shakers
Butchers hands, now the hands of the bakers
Tinkered tailored, feeling wayward
Distant to everything you think you are
They’ve enslaved us
Sweet baby with the brutal behaviours
Scream for some saviours, decipher them signs
Hidden behind them blinds, blinkers
Thoughts to thinkers
Walking through the pain of them blisters
Brothers, Sisters

Flesh is tasteless, brutal behaviour
Flesh is tasteless, thoughts to thinkers
Flesh is tasteless, they’ve enslaved us



An injured beast, a belly not full
Ugly faces telling all what’s beautiful
God’s promises, this cursed plague
Risen from the clays, sons daughters of apes
Hunt them pigs wild in them bushes
Strip them naked, let their reaching hands fall
They been leeching for too long
They been leaching for too long
Tales in the darkness, light the fire ignite the mind
Move silent whilst guiding the blind
Can’t bear the idle weight, idle hate
Can’t idle or wait
Heart beating at a furious rate
Furious pace, see the furious chase
Furious food got me thirsting a furious taste
Titles trophies, numbers names
Fire water intensifies them flames

Run for the hills, hands skilled with the scissors
Unrecognised faces I knew now configured
Watch the skin starts to wither
Tables lined with their leathers
The beast has been dining like this forever

Everything they covet, impossible math
The smarts and the street smarts
Smarts you need to take part
Or get your parts taken real fast
They be breaking real hearts, real hard
Cages, steel bars, bricks and mortar, real hard
Bow to the real God
Poison paid for, money slaved for
These dialects you don’t know
But they be speaking to your soul
So when she cries I gather tears
Carry water to the thirsty
Cos I bleeding like this before



Masterpieces, leaving pieces

Diseased master whips them to pieces
Puzzled pieces need quick releases
Pieces puzzle to scramble for pieces
Scrambled pieces fight in their Faeces
Pieces of faeces, fed em in pieces
Wrapped like sweeties, anti-thesis
Won’t know what meat is, pack it in pieces

Them once hated, their time now waited
We waited for them to go through all their faces
Look at them dancing, emotions lie deep
So deep they shall lie, them creatures still creep

Something tainted our love, my heart broken in pieces
Riddled with diseases, feasting on the pieces
Can’t find a piece of mind to piece together the pieces
Peace is in pieces, pieces and pieces
Gathering pieces rebuilding pieces by piece
Pieces of the pie, georgy porgy pudding and pie
The pie into pieces, beauty shattered to pieces
Don’t believe them as they lie, painting their masterpieces



Lost it to find it, blame no-one
Red rose on a tombstone for all enchanted
Re announce renounce your name
Power granted
See how they flaunted
I see ghosts, see everything haunted
Thoughts emotions, they burn so quick
Once the fuse lit, easy to amuse it
Feed off them for they will abuse it
Wasted vantage, shadows slanted
Bodies unaccounted
Don’t push me coz I’m close to the edge
Edge of the madness
Sounds of war, there is no warning
Feel the heat warming, it keeps on calling
We keep heeding, so keep on falling


One Friend…(featuring Mau)

Feel it rot, gunshot to your head what (Mau)

(Scalper)…One friend when I need one, enemy I see one
On my blood they feed on, craving lusting that taste
So I feed em
Why can’t we feed em
Power in my hands, I could heal em
So numb to their feeling
Screaming for that meaning
Thieving stealing
Colours change, keep changing,
But the outlines remain
Killing season
I can see them lying through your teeth
You don’t believe in
But in the quiets of the night, always kneeling
For them scars no healing
It’s in the sight of my eyes, all revealing

Language same but I don’t understand them
Speaking them anthems
Boogy men scare the children, stir the tantrum
Free the bird into the sky, light a lantern
In the wars find an inner sanctum

(Mau)…Feel it rot gunshot to your head
Another morning see you falling now you dead
Went and believed everything that you read
Who said the Devil creeps and his blood ain’t red, what
And what you got when you ain’t got a friend coz
Everything you know comes back again, and
Spending your time with them fools who ain’t men
And, can’t you see that they’re all just pretending
And can’t you see that they ain’t supposed to be here
Even the rats here want to leave here
Can’t you see that they’re ain’t supposed to be here
Even the rats here just want to leave here