1. Black Glory
There is no princess asleep, dark towers
Beware the wizards though, dark powers
Spells invoked in these, dark hours
Concealed, hiding in the dark, cowards
I can’t smell in the dark, flowers
Hear screams, tortured soul, dark prowlers
Acid rain wash in the dark showers
More than black, the dark empowers

I hear the creepies crawling
Through the night and into the morning
Looking for the prize, you’ll get no warning
I’m just trying to eat, but they got me warring
Witch doctor got my mind snoring
Don’t feel the temperature soaring
Light the candle the darkness pouring
No more skies for the eagles to soar in
Through these ropes these rats keep gnawing
Impossibility, can’t ignore it
Impermanence, permanence, many stories
Close eyes, meditate, Black Glory
Black Glory, Black Glory, Black Glory

2. Necessary Evil
Verse 1:
Abuse the alien, construct avenger
Lure my anger, take anything you need
For my hands healed thunder, the strongest contempt
You drain my youth, embracing the poisonous stench
Commander of my own strength
Recovering from wounds to rise again
Vulnerable flesh, through the maze with punishable steps
Through the old ruins where the enemy’s kept
And so they shall burn, coz it’s your belief so in time it’s your turn
Blasphemous hypocrite, eternal desolate
Hatred to the warrior, we captured your life
Replenished your soul
Judge but beware, for my disgust stops me blinding your stare
Necessary evil, hunted, hated, feared
I cannot escape my own concerns
I don’t need what I want
I want what I need
Think hard before you speak to me

Necessary evil
Gonna take your soul
Gonna take your soul
Gonna take your soul

Verse 2:
Killing everyone, friend or foe
Overcome my fear, fear contagious
For I exist like a dragon plague of ages
They don’t fear men
They don’t fear them men no more
My hands burn fire
As I denounce their flesh it’s hell
You didn’t imagine when you slept
Where you would awake and dwell
I breathed the air
I felt the death
Wrestled with God above the stars of a thousand nights
Devoted servants
The sickness spreads
Into the shapes of spiders across your chest

3. Threepointonefour
Nothing to fear, only life to live
How blessed are we the privileged
Do what we do, ain’t begging no friends
On the hunt, capturing them ends
Some prowling in packs and when capturing ends
And making ends meet we’ll descend ascend
Back before birth
Back before earth
Back before you can summon any curse
This is first, this is a must
Elephant musth
Tiger stalks, makes all the monkeys chatter
And the sounds ring nonsense
There’s something stirring
Deep in the jungles
Held too long down by the jugular
Word jugglers, jaguars
Coming at you where at you are

Energy’s right, state of mind
Mind state of right energies combine
Trust my hands while hands wield trusted cutlasses for my spine
Predators preach, predators prey
Silver haired, cursing yesterday
I summon my heart to the fore
Death be knocking on that door

4. Shadows
Verse 1:
They offered the food
But we could smell the stench
Of poisons inside the bread
Baked in the peace of a night
With the fury of self
Look at how nice they write
Gather them slowly
For they fear and they fright
Lure it forward
For it hides within
The screams didn’t wake my sleep
Until I felt through the skin
Until I felt through the skin

The devils of death dance damned in their dress
Kidnapped the soul, ego is emptyless
With your shadow witches play
Unspeakable words of life
I can see now why some angels fight

Verse 2:
Be my blood, my blood be yours
Swear this oath, don’t fret the cost
What you weigh has no weight
Come this way, don’t you fear
Feel the heat from my hand
Keep you warm, I’ll keep you warm
Don’t feel torn, don’t feel lost
Feel the pain of the angels caught in them heavenly fogs
Let them fly from your hands
Find a peace, understand
Can’t take the wake, I need a sleep
Find a peace

5. Abacus 
Verse 1:
Trial and error like God
Find myself and I’m lost
Spiritual fog, blurring, misting my sight
Missing the glow of the light, absorbing the nights
Blood and iron’ll make ‘em move right
Rapidly rapid, ravenous enemy
Ravaging, relishing, genocide, bloodshed
Bloodthirsty savages, hunting all heads
All fed
Plenty fattened for the kill, they live but they’re dead
The pleasures of flesh consume the presence of death
Through the sinew and flesh
All sins I accept
Karma accepted, all things ingested
Immunity weak, no resistance
Resistance infected
Resistance infected

The Candyman plays a song with a sickening warmth
It’s haunting to catch, you’re caught
His hideous face unseen by these eyes
For these eyes can’t see through the diamonds and gold
Through the diamonds and gold

Verse 2:
Fire fury, sword in my hand
One of mice or truly one of man
One of love or conceiving a deceptive plan
Warlords treading an enemy’s land, enemies plan
Friends, enemies just played a joker’s hand
Silent noise, whisper the voice if mention the name
Silhouettes cradle the figurines on display
A sordid lust enticed the sweetest soul
The most comforting warmth
Boasts the horror with which it betrayed
With which it betrayed

6. Numbers

7. Zero
Paint the whole night
Stage fright the soul
Bite them in sleep, slow
Starting the blood seeping and creep low
Watch the mess, it’s a creepshow
Through the keyhole
Another peepshow
See what they reap, it’s so lethal
Residents evil
The number a zero
The math they bleed for
Seduced like before
The same, the sequel
Numb on the seesaw
Never the equal
Looking for a hero
Channel Zero

She watch she watch
She watch she watch
She watch she watch

8. Treacherous Disciple
Verse 1.
Strawberry blood, position the dead
There is purity, there is less
Farewell to the flesh
Failing a quest
No enemy, no friend
Fallen demons ascend
Blurring what I dreamt
Witch bites bless
Commence revenge
Resurrect who you love
It’s a test just to breathe
You could never keep the tender secret
Always obedient
Treacherous disciples, cosy sleeping
Smell the scheming
See your ghost, vision a horror scope
I’m waiting to strike
I swear to the night
Digest the moment, swear in blood
Everything too calm
See no escape, vision the rape
Face the fury, destiny blurred
Spoken a word, nothing revealed
Everything heard
Feeling the thirst, getting you first
Getting you first, doing the worst

When the witch bites your flesh
When your nobility has no dress
When your wealth has no worth
When all your pains no longer hurt

Verse 2:
Talk to me while I sleep
For I can’t hear you while I wake
You know my thoughts
Before they break into the colours of hate
Everything loved
Weakening grip, willing soul, withering foe
But I’m wasting against the flow
Wanting a point
Waking a sleep
Wading a deep
Washing the wound
Blacken the light
It’s hurting my eyes coz I keep a disguise
Guise feeding these thieves
Fallen to die, strength in faith
You’ve never known your lust to wait
Raise the hand, let the slaughter begin
The children lied and took away your sins
Looking from the outside in
Watching that snake shedding its skin
Could’ve been the strength that you sought
Could’ve been the enemy we needed to see
Could’ve been the blood we needed to grow
Coz I know what you saw in the light
Brought pain to your eyes
The play begins, the slaughter began
Accept the fear and take my hand
Take my hand, take my hand, Take my hand

9. Savage Itself 
Priests need feeding, flies in my face
Hell fire burning all at the stake
No one’s safe
All them nights, all them days, all them prays
Seems like my life’s not mine for my faith

Verse 1:
Inflame a legacy, searing your hate
Violating your love, immersion in space
Endless melody charming the face
Eloquent guises, redemption, disgrace
Spiritual embrace emblaze that you chase
Bloodthirsty cannibal
Silently stealth
Imagine more savage than the savage itself
More savage than the savage itself

Verse 2:
Watching in silence, see the words he spoke
Satan’s poetry, that’s what he wrote
Chose the prose with a God in sight
But I still find myself alone at night
Challenging assassin, carnivorous host
I screamed your name, silhouetting a ghost
My betrayal, your trust
Noble lust, the magic of the spell
Deciphering the words that were spelt
Severely self
More savage than the savage itself
More savage than the savage itself

10. Obsessive Idols 
Verse 1:
Seventy thousand angels
Pulling seventy thousand reins
Falling for seventy thousand years
To never reach the bottom
Terrible curdling sounds
Integrate them together
Consume them, heat them up hard like stone
Stern and severe
Straying in evil
Hear my fury
Raging sighs
Darkening, quakening changes
Wrote its lies in millions of bastard pages
In millions of bastard pages
Life engages

The white death got me
See the death was white
White shadows haunt me
Taunt me to madness

Verse 2:
The dragons of virtue
See the seas and the heavens at one time
It rode the stars but they collapsed within themselves
And nobody found the wealth
As it died, the spirit, it rose into the skies
And formed into clouds
And when it cries
The whole earth can feel the pain when it rains
Words of war, preservation, I will attack with aggression
Counter attack opposition
Clash, the final mission
With purpose precision
Strategic condition
Strategic condition

11. Toxic Faith
Verse 1:
Scratch at the walls of the cave
Hear the howls of the wolves on the chase
They tore at every page
That he swore by every day
Toxic faith
Unkept promises, promises kept hidden away
Soul now liquid, doomed to decay
Seduced by that wisdom
Numb to the pain
I digest too much, too much to digest
See the emperor’s dress is what I saw
I dream a dinosaur
Terrible lizard
The air foul for its breath
Burns to my heart, lungs
Spores in my chest

I dream a dinosaur
Terrible lizard