Photo by Barouf Menzzoto (Nancy, France 2017)


Photo by Romain Zouave En Ski 2017 from the gig at Royal Royal Nancy.

SCALPER 2017-3 (2)

The 4 photos below were taken by Barouf Menzzoto at the L’appart gig in Nancy 2015

DSC_3482 DSC_3349DSC_3102

Drawing by Aurelio Aurelien (Delemont, Switzerland 2015)


Photo by Benjamin Berton (Le Mans, France 2015)

Scalper 17

Wall murial by Mr Mo JFX (FR)

Scalper Wall

Flyer for gig in Le Mans (FR 2014)


Poster/Flyer for Public Enemy with Scalper as support (2011)


Photo taken at Womad NZ by Michael Flynn (2010)

WOMAD 2010-321-2

Butchers Bakers album cover photo by Aleks Sakowski (2012)

Butchers BakersNadeem 2

Photos by Lucy Patterson


Photo by Aleks Sakowski

Shafi_0011_Layer 7 Flesh & Bones album cover photo by Rosie Morrow (2012)
scalper cover 1